GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

Tips for GMAT Preparation
You can easily improve your GMAT score by merely finding some time for fetching GMAT preparation. Consider GMAT as a game and there is huge advantage for the one who know how to play the game than the person who is unaware of game rules. As a test taker you have to understand and apply the following given tips in your preparation:

Practice More
An important method of improving your score is to practice a lot for taking the test. You have to vigorously get committed for practicing at least few mock tests in CAT format and try to revive the atmosphere of actual GMAT. You should also practice the previous test questions. It gives you the idea about the test and knows the difference in the nature and quality of the test. The test taker will be benefited by reviewing each module by focusing more on the weaker sections and by making time-efficiency in the test preparation.

Understand Each Question Carefully
Some people may feel stress during the timed sections and tries to cut corners to save the time. This results in misinterpretation of the questions. Therefore, you have to read and understand each question carefully.

Pay More Attention Towards First 5 Questions
The fundamental algorithm of GMAT-CAT determines the difficulty of questions, based on your performance in answering previous questions. Scores of difficult questions have more influence than the easier one. As a result the initial questions are considered for determining the range of questions that the program can assess your competency to handle. This will make vast variations in your total score. If you are not confident about the answer of first questions, it is better to take a good educated guess by elimination (as a last option).

Pace Yourself
In GMAT-CAT, it is not possible to skip the question and return back to them, there is a possibility of getting struck on certain hard questions, consequently much time will be wasted. Therefore, you have to schedule the time limit according the number of questions or for the sections.

Avoid Deceptive Wrong Choices
More practice makes you learn how to identify the deceptive wrong answers. There are some general patterns that help in your preparation process. One among them is usually trace in Problem solving module, where you can find some deceptive wrong answers such as, getting wrong values that result from miscalculations. Such errors can be avoided by using scrap paper, rechecking your answers, or by using estimation of the general range of correct answer.

Finish The Test At Any Cost
There will be huge scoring penalty for failing to finish the test, which leads to lower the score for around 55%. Therefore, you have to finish the test by answering all the questions at any cost. Instead of leaving the question unanswered it is better to make a wise guess of it. Practice more to minimize the time consumption of the test.

Don’t Linger To Take The Test
You shouldn’t depend on the last minute of time for taking the test. For retaking the test, you need some time for registering the test and also for submitting the new scores in schools to meet the application deadlines. Scheduling the GMAT date during the admission season makes you hassle-free in the process. Proper planning and insight spares your liveliness and helps in improving your GMAT score.