Founded in 2007, Impel is one of the most formidable brands in the overseas education domain. “Impel “and it’s tagline “Partners in Global Education ” are registered trademarks of Impel Overseas Consultants Limited. Impel Overseas is the flagship company of It’s holding, Impel Ventures which has successfully floated several brands in various domains ranging from wellness to digital technology.

We have helped more than 5000 students to pursue their dreams of studying abroad since 2007. With a network of 20 offices across India, 200 partner institutions and a team of 30 plus employees at the corporate office at Hyderabad, Impel is all set to emerge as the largest company in overseas education that has so many industry first’s to it’s credit.

Overseas Education is mature industry today and companies with professional acumen, student friendly approach and high quality counseling are only able to sustain their position in the industry. Impel, being on the forefront of innovation and student first attitude is all set storm in this stable, ever growing study abroad business with the help of like minded channel partners.

If you are educated, have passion for helping students to realize their education, career and migration goals then you are the best fit to get into this most rewarding profession. Skills like self-learning, online research and attention to details would make you a great counselor, who in-turn coupled with our years of expertise and tools can deliver unbiased advice to students aspiring to study abroad. To learn more about how Impel can help you to be successful in this business, please click here .

Studying abroad is an expensive and life changing decision for students hence we are looking for partners who have a great sense of responsibility and hardworking ability. Harder the work, higher the reward, this business has one of the best ROI than any other business in the education category. All that you would need is a small office, basic IT infrastructure and branding as per Impel’s standards. A couple of assessments to go through and that’s it, you are all set to start with Impel franchise in your local area.

If you are convinced that we can build a progressive partnership, please click here to submit your detailed profile so that we can share further insights about this great business opportunity