Deakin University strengthens ties with Rajasthan Royals to promote sport education in India

Deakin University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Rajasthan Royals, formalising the next phase of the long-standing partnership between the two organisations.

The partnership aims to strengthen ties between Australia and India and foster collaboration towards supporting trained professionals to enter the ever-expanding sport industry in India. The announcement was made during a roundtable conference held at the Australian High Commission in New Delhi which had senior representatives from the sport fraternity. The partnership will take the association forward with several strategic initiatives to leverage the capabilities on both sides for the long term and adapt strategic approaches to support the sports industry in India through sustainable initiatives for maximum impact.

As part of this partnership, Deakin University, Rajasthan Royals, and Neerja Modi School have announced the launch of a joint scholarship for Indian students. The scholarship will provide financial support for students who wish to pursue higher education in Australia, with a focus on sports-related courses. Deakin University will contribute to the scholarship fund, underscoring its commitment to education. The partnership will establish the Shane Warne Memorial Scholarship towards initiatives to enhance education and skills in sports as an emerging career of choice, especially for students who desire to be part of the global sports industry.

Professor Iain Martin, the Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership and what this means for those involved.

“Global sport is at an interesting juncture and Deakin is thrilled to renew our long-standing partnership with Rajasthan Royals, which marks a significant step towards strengthening the ties between the sport loving nations of India and Australia.

The MoU signed between Deakin University and Rajasthan Royals signifies the mutual interest and commitment towards fostering collaboration in sport research and education. This partnership will help to create new opportunities and pave the path for the two nations to share knowledge and expertise.”

The partnership with Rajasthan Royals was initiated in 2014, with Deakin University becoming the Official Sports Education Partner for the team.

The association marks Deakin’s ongoing commitment to engage with India’s sports industry to share its expertise in sports education. Ranked number one in the world for Sports Science and in the top ten in the world for Sports Management education, Deakin in uniquely position to support the development of sport in India.

Ravneet Pawha, Vice President (Global Alliances) and CEO (South Asia) of Deakin University, said, “Through this collaboration, Deakin University and Rajasthan Royals will promote sport education in India and facilitate research in sport management and sport science.”

Ravneet further noted that women in sport will be a focus area of the partnership and both partners will work together to enhance the participation of women in sports.

Jake Lush McCrum, CEO of Rajasthan Royals, said, “We have helped thousands of students turn their passion for sport into industry-ready skills through the Royals School of Business and our nearly a decade old association with Deakin University.

The next phase of this partnership will focus on promoting sport education and supporting participation of women in sport.”

Saurabh Modi from Neerja Modi School emphasised the significance of the joint Shane Warne Memorial scholarships with Rajasthan Royals and Deakin University in providing opportunities and support for meritorious Indian students who wish to pursue a career in sport.

Alongside the above initiatives, the partners will seek to enhance the current offerings of the joint-certification programs through the Royals School of Business by providing pathways into Deakin University’s postgraduate degree programs through innovative delivery models.

Deakin’s Women in Sport and Exercise (WISE) hub aims to improve women’s participation in sport and exercise through world-class research, and by strengthening relationships with communities and partners. In addition to the partnership with Rajasthan Royals, Deakin University announced a joint initiative with Australia India Women in Sport Connect to foster greater participation and representation of women in sports.

Molina Asthana, founder of Australia India Women in Sport Connect, welcomed the initiative, and remarked, “The Women Premier League 2023 in India has been a catalyst for wider participation of women in sports and we want to keep the momentum going. This joint initiative is a step towards promoting inclusivity and diversity and fostering a more equitable and inclusive sports industry for women.”

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