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Carnegie Mellon University Australia””s (CMUA) Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) student Abhiman Raguramansays hard work and good advice by friends and family helped him secure a highly competitive position at corporate giant, OneSteel. “I always wanted to go to Carnegie Mellon because its computer science program is number one. The briefing Tim Zak gave really convinced me. For me, the name of Carnegie Mellon really resonated. Even so, I was well advised by my friends and peers. They helped me make the decision to come to the Australian campus,” he says.

CMUA””s Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) is a unique graduate degree program offering a mix of technology, management and strategy courses to provide students with an understanding of information technology from both operational and strategic perspectives.


Carnegie Mellon University is ranked as one of the top 50 universities internationally and many of our degree programs are ranked top in their fields. The Heinz College is ranked first in the area of information technology. It is located in Victoria Square, in the city’s central business district.


Home to three other large universities, numerous cultural venues and affordable restaurants, Adelaide has a warm and sunny climate. The beach is 20 minutes away by public transportation and South Australia’s wine country is an hour away.


Internships are available and the MSIT program is just a one year program. This will save a lot of time and money. Moreover, the cost of MS programs is cheaper by 25% in Australia, than in USA!


Numerous scholarships are available and approximately 85% of our students receive support. U.S. citizens who are eligible for federal loans may use their funding to attend the Heinz College in Australia.

Manisha Biswas came to CMUA in 2008 because of its first class reputation, world class faculty and facilities.

“CMUA’s academic reputation was one factor. The other factor is that Australia is a tolerant multicultural society. I wanted to study with Australian and international students. I will be working with people from all over the world, so I want to understand the way they think, they work and their cultural background,” Manisha says.

Manisha was fascinated by pictures of Australian flora and fauna on the Discovery Channel. 20 years later she is studying for her Master of in Science in Information Technology (MSIT) at Carnegie Mellon Universityin Adelaide.

Manisha was surprised to hear the negative stories from Melbourne about allegations of poor treatment of Indian students.

“I feel at home here and a part of Australian society. There have been times when I had to leave CMUA late at night but I never had any problems. I feel safe.”

“Australia is a big country with very friendly and helpful people. You will learn lots. After one year your perspective about life and people will change. CMUA standards are very high but that is good.

Carnegie Mellon University is ranked as one of the top 50 universities internationally and many of our degree programs are ranked top in their fields. The Heinz College is ranked among the top ten public policy schools and ranked first in the area of information technology. With alumni world-wide, the university’s network spans organizations on every continent. Graduates of our programs have access to these professionals and current students have opportunities for mentoring relationships and internships.

Murali Rajendran is highly impressed with the lost of education in Australia and very high quality standards.

“I have lived and worked with different cultures, having spent 15 years of my childhood in Kuwait, living in an Indian family tradition. I also visited the United States during my undergraduate years. But when the time to choose my destination for my Masters degree came, I did not hesitate on studying in Australia. The chance of living in Australia and studying at a world class institution like Carnegie Mellon University Australia was one of the motivating factors during my university selection process. The other factor was plain curiosity about the land down under!

I was informed by friends and relatives that Australia was a fine place to study and work. That turned out to be an understatement. The Australian way of life – as I soon learnt – was more than what meets the eye. I am experiencing one of the most culturally enriching periods of my life.

People here are smart, cheerful and hard working. The society as a whole is a blend of various diverse ethnicities, and everyone has the freedom to preserve and promote their culture.”

World-wide, CMU is ranked 1st for Info & Technology Management and in the top 10 positions  for Public Affairs, Public Policy Analysis, Health Policy and Environmental Policy, according to US News and World Report 2008 rankings.

In addition to the regular admission requirements, Heinz College (CMU) requires three (instead of two) recommendation letters and a decent score in either GRE or GMAT for admission in MSIT program.

The application deadlines are September 15th for January intake and March 15th for July intake.

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