Tips to Pick the Best Overseas Education Consultant in India

What does an Overseas Education Consultant do?

In the era where the entire world is just a click away, sometimes things do get tough when you are planning your education and career out of India. It is then that overseas education consultants come to the rescue.

Overseas Education Consultants are the professionals who have expert knowledge about the courses offered by different countries and universities as well as their admission process, visa application procedures, and other formalities. Some of the best consultants in India are IDP, Global Education, and Impel Overseas Consultants.

A good overseas consultant is aware of both the immigration as well as education market. For the purpose of education, a good consultant should be able to advise you on student education loans, scholarship schemes across different countries and colleges.

How to choose?

To choose the best overseas education consultant near you, you should keep in mind the following pointers:

  1. Selection – If your educational consultant is helping you majorly with the shortlisting, selection and pursuance of the best University you may land at, and give you help from collaborations, you are at the right place. Seek out all the options offered to you and weigh them according to your needs as well as aspirations.
  2. Preparation – Once you are done with your shortlisting, your overseas education consultant must be able to help you prepare for entrance examinations, english tests and other foreign language tests for eligibility. They will provide you with the material and one-to-one support.
  3. Immigration – For all visa requirements including visa processing, verification and visa interview, your consultant must take you through the process smoothly to ensure there are no last-minute hassles and glitches.
  4. Financing – An educational consultant must guide you through the financing of your course and suggest to you the best methods to procure scholarships, exemptions and loans that are needed. It should also give you a comparative list of pros and cons, and the perks available under the tuition fee of all prospective educational institutions.
Best Overseas Education Consultant

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If your study abroad consultant hunt is still on, you can visit the websites of or contact for further information, at your convenience. For your help, you can check out the following:

  1. Impel Overseas Education Consultants
  2. Global India
  3. IDP Education Consultancy
  4. Edwise International
  5. iSchoolConnect
  6. Manya – The Princeton Review
  7. Eduworld