New Points-based system


A new points-based system was launched between 2008 and 2010, to enable the UK to control migration more effectively, tackle abuse and identify the most talented workers.


UK Employers and universities who will now be required to sponsor migrants and help to ensure that those they sponsor adhere to the terms of their visa.

  1. Any student who is looking for a Student Visa need to obtain 40 points under new migration system, which can be obtained from:
    1. Valid CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) received from licensed TIER 4 Sponsor (registered with UKVI) will give a student 30 points
    2. Satisfaction of fund requirement stated by UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) will make an applicant eligible to get another 10 points to obtain Visa.
  1. Evaluation and acceptance of a student into the university is solely at the decision of Higher Education Institute and UKVI will not interfere in it.

For e.g.: A student completed his under graduation in 2013 and is idle for 2 years now would like to take up further studies then UKVI will not probe the reasons for gap though there is a possible question from the Visa Officer.

  1. CAS from an Educational Institute shall mention the Title of course, Tuition fee and any fraction of fees paid towards Tuition fee. HEI (Higher Education Institute) shall also mention the potential reasons taken count while accepting the student
  2. Cost of living is to be demonstrated as follows:
    1. Living within London Boroughs require GBP 1020 per month if the course duration is less than 9 months and it is 9,180£ for more than 9 Months
    2. Living outside London requires GBP 820£ per month if the course duration is less than 9 months and it is 7,380£ for more than 9 Months
  •  All applicants who are applying for a student visa should obtain their medicals as part of their visa application procedure

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