Work In Canada

It is possible to work in Canada while you are a student, and there are opportunities for jobs on and off campus.

On-campus work

International Students can work on campus at a University in Canada where they study without a work permit if they are full time students and have a valid study permit (Student Visa).

Off-campus work

To work off-campus while studying, international students should have a valid off-campus work-permit. To qualify, student must be a full-time student enrolled at a participating publicly funded post-secondary educational institution or in an approved program at an eligible privately funded institution.

Participating publicly funded post-secondary educational institutions:

  • are public post-secondary institutions, such as a college or university or a collège d’enseignement général et professionnel (CEGEP) in Québec or
  • are private post-secondary institutions that operate under the same rules and regulations as public institutions, and receive at least 50 percent of their financing for their overall operations from government grants (currently only private college-level educational institutions in Québec qualify) and
  • have signed an off-campus work agreement with their provincial or territorial government.

Eligible privately funded post-secondary institutions:

  • are located in a province or territory that has signed a memorandum of understanding with CIC
  • have signed an off-campus work agreement with their provincial or territorial government and
  • have approval from their provincial or territorial government to grant specific degrees.

Selection of Programs and Institutions is very crucial to ensure that student is eligible for Student Work Permit.

At Impel, we ensure that all our students aspiring to get a Student Work Permit will fulfill the requirement of being a full-time student at Participating Institution.

Co-op and Internship Programs

Co-op and internship programs give students educationally-related work and learning experience that integrates theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skill development on the job.

Co-op program allows students to work fulltime in a field related to their studies. Co operative education is a valuable system for students to enhance their curriculum as well as fine tune their career path. It provides academic credits for the job experience and also improves future prospects for students.

At Impel, we will guide you in selecting a program which includes Co-op Program to ensure that you choose the right path for a better future.

Foreign students who wish to participate in a co-op or internship program must apply for a work permit as well as a study permit.

Work after graduation

If you want to work in Canada after you graduate from your studies, you must apply for a work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program allows students who have graduated from a participating Canadian post-secondary institution to gain valuable Canadian work experience.

A work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program cannot be valid for longer than the student’s study program. For example, if you graduate from a four-year degree program, you could be eligible for a three-year work permit if you meet the criteria. If you graduate from an eight-month certificate program, you would be eligible for a work permit that is valid for no more than eight months.

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