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SAT – Registration Details

Registration for SAT has to be made online directly by registering with ‘College Board’, Princeton, New Jersey, USA, since there is no Indian representative. Please visit to register for the test. You may also register by Phone, on no. 001 – 800 728 7267 on all working days between 7 A.M and midnight (Eastern/New York Time)

For Customer Service/clarifications, you may or call 001 609 771 7600 (8 AM to 8.45 PM New York Time)

The SAT tests are to be taken only by those who are not younger than 13 years of age.

Set a Date
You have to register for the appointment of SAT exam 6 weeks prior to the test day. So that you can find enough time to improve your abilities to take the SAT at your preferred location and time. The test dates are offered for every 2-3 months in a year, usually they are conducted in the months between October and June. You can find the availability of test dates at

Choose a Test Center
Once you have set a date for SAT exam, you have to choose a test center from the available locations. It is a good idea to choose a test center that is near by to your home. SAT tests are typically administered at high schools, colleges, and tech institutes. To find a test center near you, speak to your school guidance counselor or click here to search online.

Register for the Test
To register SAT online, click on the SAT official website and you get an access for online registration forms, questionnaire instructions and other registration information.

You cannot register online, if you’re registering for SAT Sunday testing for first time. Thus you have to register only by mail. For this you require SAT Registration Booklet, which contains test dates, registration deadlines, fees, instructions, test center codes and other relevant information along with Registration form and Return envelop. The completed registration form should be returned in the envelope provided with proper payment. You can get the booklet from your school counselor’s office or on the official SAT site.

Test FEE
SAT Reasoning Test $47.00
SAT Subject Tests
Basic registration fee
•  Language Tests with Listening
•  All other Subject Tests
$ 21.00
Additional $21.00
Additional $01.00
Registration Services (add to total test fees)
Re-registration by telephone $10.00
International processing fee (for students testing in countries other than the United States, U.S. territories, and Puerto Rico) $28.00
Security surcharge to test in India and Pakistan $24.00
Late registration fee $24.00
Standby testing fee $41.00
Change test, test date, or test center fee $24.00
Additional Services
Question-and-Answer Service $ 18.00
Student Answer Service $ 12.00
Score Reporting Services
Extra score report to a college or scholarship program (in addition to the four score reports provided free of charge on the Registration Form or on the Correction Form) $10.00
Retrieval fee for archived scores $24.00(additional fees may apply)
Telephone rush reporting service $26.00
plus $9.00
for each report
Telephone additional reports $29.00
Scores by Phone $ 11.00
Additional Fees
Multiple-choice Hand Score Verification $52.00
Essay Score Verification $52.00