Frequently Asked Questions

GRE – FAQ’ss

Who can take GRE®? ?
Anyone who wants to pursue a master’s course in a US university in any stream other than management, law or medicine.

Does one have to be a graduate for taking the GRE®?
Not necessarily. However, to do a master’s course, one has to be a graduate in any stream.

What is the scoring system?
The total marks are 340 out of which 310 and above is considered good. Different questions carry different marks, depending on its difficulty level.

How often can I take the exam?
GRE® can be taken 5 times in a calendar year

Which score will the college consider?
Universities consider the best score.

When is the exam held?
The exam is held in different cities across India at Sylvan Prometric Centres on all working days. There are two time slots in the day. For more details log onto

How can one register?
You can register by phone or submit the form physically at their centre. When registering through the phone, keep your passport and international credit card number ready, along with the expiry date.

What is the cost of the exam?
The charges are @205 payable to ETS-GRE® in US dollars.

What happens if one postpones the exam date?
If you postpone the exam at least seven days before your scheduled date, you would have to pay an additional $48 to reschedule else the entire fees is forfeited.

How soon do I get my score?
You will see your score the moment you finish the exam, but official scores takes 21 days to reach the student.

What happens if I cancel the exam?
After taking the exam you are given the choice of cancelling your score without seeing it. If you do so, the score is lost forever but it gets reported on all subsequent score charts that you had cancelled an exam.

How do I pass on my score to the college?
The universities only accept official scores sent directly by ETS. Scores to four colleges can be sent free of cost. While taking the exam. Subsequently, for each score report sent to a college, you would have to pay ETS a token amount.

How important is the GRE® score in helping secure scholarships for graduate studies?
The GRE® score, your past academic record and your application materials play a vital part towards securing scholarships.

What is percentile?
If you get 85 percentile it would mean 85 % of the students taking the exam in the past five years are below you and 15% are equal to or above you.

What is the GRE® subject test?
The GRE® subject tests are specialized tests, to be taken only if your university asks for it. Check with them. In India, Subject GRE® is offered only once a year, in November.