Deakin announces up to $25 million in hardship support for international students

Deakin has announced up to $25 million in additional targeted support for international students experiencing hardship as a result of COVID-19.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Iain Martin said the support for impacted international students was available for the next six months and in addition to the financial assistance for domestic students.

“Many international students, through no fault of their own, are struggling with the costs of living and studying, yet are not eligible for the same Government COVID-19 assistance available to our domestic students,” Professor Martin said.

“Some of those students face a very desperate situation where their part-time and casual work is gone or drying up, and they can’t return home yet can’t afford to stay. This is an untenable position.

“With no access to Government assistance, our additional hardship support will prevent students from falling through the cracks during the difficult months ahead. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our international students.”

Professor Martin said the hardship support for international students was available through Deakin’s existing support services and that the University would continue to take a case-managed, individual approach to assist.

“When students connect to our support services, we are talking one-on-one to identify how we can best help that student continue their studies at Deakin,” he said.

“That direct conversation is the best way to determine specific and unexpected personal circumstances and tailor our support as necessary. So far, we have approved more than 1200 requests for immediate financial and hardship support, with hundreds more applications currently being assessed.

“My message to every Deakin student is that if COVID-19 has made it hard for you to continue your studies, then please step forward and let us know.

“We want our international students to continue at Deakin, and as of this week, more than 95 per cent remain enrolled. I hope this additional support will keep it that way. Of course, should an international student decide they simply cannot continue, we will support that decision and help with either a transition to online study or by holding their place for the future.”

Further flexibility and supports for Deakin students include:

  • Additional time to change enrolment or withdraw from a course without incurring any penalty. The two-week Census grace period remains in-place until Wednesday 15 April 2020. Deakin has also extended the time for late withdrawals until 1 June 2020.
  • The extension period for assignment due dates has been extended to up to three weeks, with medical certificates no longer required. It is also easier for students to apply for special consideration.
  • The T1 exam period will continue as planned with online assessments.

For more information about Deakin’s student supports, visit: