How to choose the right University abroad?


Make a decision!

Behind making a decision to study abroad, apart from childhood dreams and aspirations, there are many aspects that play an irreplaceable role. These include deciding upon the subject or discipline of interest, knowing the course of study, the fee structure of the course, employment prospects in the country chosen and the worldwide recognition of the degree to be received.

College vs. University

In the context of the United States, the terms ‘college’ and ‘university’ are mostly used interchangeably. In other countries like the UK and Australia too, they are treated the same at multi-levels, except that undergraduate courses are commonly found in colleges and post-graduate and doctorate courses in universities.

In fact, there are discipline-specific colleges in national universities, which is the most commonly found element of the higher education system in India as well. Therefore, generally it does not make a remarkable difference when choosing between a college or university as long as the course and country chosen is appropriate.

Step by Step…

In 4 simple steps, you can conveniently streamline the process of finding yourself the best place you can call your alma mater ten years down the line.

  1. Choose your subject – The first and foremost step before you jump onto more complicated selections like the country and the cost is to choose the discipline you want your specialisation degree to be in. Amidst others, law, medicine, technology, arts (including performing arts like dance and music) and architecture are the most commonly sought out areas of study internationally.
  2. Narrow down the courses – Once you’ve selected a subject, you can surf through the specific courses offered by different universities. The courses will have different kinds of curriculum and academic structure, from which you can choose what is best suited for your future expectations.
  3. Cost and Country of Study – When you have narrowed down the universities according to the subject and courses, filter them on the basis of the countries you wish to study in (on the basis of how student-friendly the visa rules are) and the cost of the course including the cost of living. The UK, US, Australia and countries in Europe are the best countries to study abroad. This is the trickiest part where education consultants like IOCL come to your rescue.
  4. Application process – The application process empanelled by the universities you have selected is also an area where you can seek help from consultants to choose the best pick. You can also prepare for various entrance examinations with their help.

There might be certain universities that might be the best but you need to choose what is right for you. What is the best might not be your perfect choice and thus, it is essential that you make the right decision.