8 Things You Need to Know When Planning to Study in New Zealand

You need to have all the information about New Zealand if you are planning study there. Besides having the knowledge of the universities, campus, and other things, the knowledge of the country and its people will increase you comfort level and also get you prepared about what all you can expect. You can get this knowledge on the internet, but a better source would be an advisor or consultant who helps students to get there and also get them enrolled in one of the best universities. Let us get to know few important facts about New Zealand along with its education system.

1. Keeping the Universities in focus

When you decide to study in New Zealand consider top universities and get details about the courses, fees and other facilities there. Learning environment in top universities is unique and education imparted is high quality. The committee is bent on building the education system on strong values, that are practical.

2. Economic stability taken into view

There are people who say that since New Zealand is located in a small corner of the world it seems secluded, but this is not true. You will find that people here are warm and inviting to international students. This can be a boon because this has contributed to the stability of the economy. Also since government here is stable and cost of living is reasonable, the place is suitable for overseas education.

3. Skill shortage here works beneficial

By getting in touch with the right consultant, you will get to know that New Zealand has a lot of long term shortage in skills, and this can also open up a lot of opportunities for you in the market. You will find there is skill shortage in Engineering, which includes Chemical, Transport, Agriculture Geotechnical and in many more sectors.

4. Affordable cost of education

When you plan to study abroad, the cost is one among the many considerations, which hold great importance. You will find that the top universities in New Zealand can cost much less as compared to other places around the globe.

5. Looking for scholarships

If you seem to have made up your mind to opt for scholarships, you need to know about them. Applying for the same, you need to be particular about the deadlines and other formalities, and it is best to take the help of advisors and consultants. Some New Zealand scholarships you can apply for are:

  • New Zealand Development Scholarships (NZDS)
  • New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards
  • New Zealand Pacific Scholarships
  • New Zealand International Doctoral Scholarships
  • UC International First Year Scholarships
  • ADB Scholarships at University of Auckland
  • University of Otago International Research Masters Scholarships
  • Victoria Masters Scholarships
  • University of Waikato Excellence Scholarships for Asia Programme

6. Requirements for studying in New Zealand

Any overseas student coming here to study needs to meet certain requirements. You need a student visa and permit, which can also be extended provided you follow the rules and meet the requirements.

7. Accommodations available are comfortable

Most often the accommodation is only a few minutes from your place of study. This fact also becomes easy with the right consultant as most of them will help in getting the suitable accommodation to their students.

8. Travel and medical insurance is a necessity

There is no way you are entitled to free medical benefits when you are studying in New Zealand. You will need to pay the total cost of your treatment, for which reason you need to make sure your medical and travel insurance is in order.