Singapore Student Visa Guidelines

Upon receiving offer letter from an institution for the applied course, a student has to apply for the student pass to enter Singapore. Generally, the institution issuing the offer letter files applies for the student pass on behalf of the student from the Singapore Immigration & Check points Authority (ICA). An application for the student pass has to be submitted to the ICA at least 2 months and not more than 6 months before the commencement date of the course.

The amount payable for filing the student pass application (payable to institution offering admission) varies from institute to institute.

Documents to be submitted for filing visa

  • As all academic documents are submitted to the institute at the time of admission, the student has to submit only the financial documents to file the student pass application.
  • Acceptable financial documents[1] are:
    • Bank Statement
    • Loan Approval Letter
    • Fixed Deposits
    • Bank Balance certificate (Savings A/C)
  • Funds to be shown – tuition fees + living expenses[2] for 1st year of study


[1] Generally, parents and siblings are the only acceptable sponsors for financial purposes. Some private institutions are flexible regarding acceptable sponsors.

[2] Average living expenses per month = SGD 700

Students would first receive In-Principal Approval (IPA) upon approval of application. IPA is sent in the form of a letter from the institution. The student has to pay a tuition deposit in the form of a Demand Draft as per the terms and conditions of the offer letter. The institution will then issue a Letter of acceptance.

The IPA and the letter of acceptance from the institution would allow the student for a single journey to study in Singapore. Upon landing in Singapore, the student has to undergo Medical check-up at a hospital approved by Immigration.

Student has to fix an E-appointment with the ICA to collect the Visa before he joins the classes. This has to be done within 10 days of landing in Singapore. The student has to submit all original academic and financial documents to get the Student Visa at ICA.

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